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Holy Crap!

Some one blew up the girls' toilets! Meanwhile, Kitty's freaking out because she lost a text book... but somehow me assuring her she'll get a zero for sure isn't helping. Jokes are lost on the at girl sometimes.

I can't help but be amused. This place has been a little somber lately what with made-up deaths and all.

And it give me an excuse to go to the guys bathrooms... yoik!

Oh wait... men are known to be dirty... maybe that's not such a good idea.
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Cont. from the NYC coffee shop

*Jubilee presses her lips together and looks back at the crew, who seemed to be holding their distance at the moment.*

Scott wasn't the entire reason I left... It's kind what made me take off. Doesn't it bother you that we stil don't feel safe at Xavier's? That was the reason I went there... to feel safe.. and with people dying then returning, then others dying and returning...

*She looked back at Scott and Alison, then Piotr and Poe*

I missed you and Piotr and I missed Poe a lot more than I thought...But I jsut don't know.

*She trails off and sees her teacher, Scott walking toward her*

A catch up on Jubilee

Jubilation Lee is back in her old surrounds in NYC. She met up with an old friend who seems to be doing well for herself, living with a man 35 years her senior who pays her expenses and only asks that she sleep in his bed. After getting over how "gross" it was to live with such a fossil, she took her up on the guest room offered. She's been very tempted to return to old habits of theivery in the corner grocery stores, for her food isn't free and her money is running out. She's a bit lonely though. Her old friends don't understand her sometimes and only want her to use her fireworks for a laugh or worse, for vandalism. She misses Kitty, wonders if Poe is noting the absence and wishes she could feel as safe at Xavier's again.


Along with various items out of the closet and a missing suitcase, Kitty finds a note on her bed in Jubilee's scrawl.

"I needed to get away from here. With Scott dying... well, I just don't feel safe here anymore. I guess losing the unmovable Cyclops is what did it. I'm sorry I didn't tell you in person, but I had to sneak. Don't come looking for me. I will come back... I think. I just need to go to a place where I feel comfortable. I'm sorry....


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I've been trying to think of a way to talk about this. I hear writing helps people sort out their feelings.. but I don't think this will help bring Scott Summers back, which is the only way my feelings will help get sorted.

Gawd, wasn't only months ago, we lost Dr. Grey? Then even though she was back, we really did have her (and how lucky are we that she's returned to us?)? And even longer ago, wasn't it when this mansion was assaulted and I and some other students was kidnapped by an angry, prejudiced, evil man who wanted to 'toy' with us to make sure all mutants were dead?

How much of this can a teenager take? And here I thought being a petty mutant thief was the worst my life could get... And when Xavier had me join, I thought this place would help me feel safe. Ok, sure it beats living out a of a box, until I found something better, but I've felt safer living on the streets. At least I've not had people I feel close to and respect die on me..

Babblings of Jubes


It's like, after the Fourth, everything fell asleep... Ok, so they're off doing their own private stuff with their own lives... Meanwhile, I sit around and pick my nose... (ok, so I'm not really, that is, like, gross).

I can't believe I'm actaully saying this... I miss school! I least there's a purpose!

Think we could have a Game Night or something? Movies are great, but all we do is stare at a screen.. At least with games we all get to know each other...well, the ones who don't know each other do.

I know the driver's license thing will never happen, even though I don't need no stinkin' license to tell me I can drive.

I suppose it's something shopping may be able to cure for a little while, but it's not a lasting cure.

Hey, any chance we're going to be getting in any new students... MY AGE?

I need a ride to town to visit my PO... I'd drive myself, but that idea just doesn't seem to have tact. Volunteers? NON-TEACHER volunteers?

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Yeah, ok, so Matrix Reloaded was ok. I far preferred the first one. But the third one looks pretty decent. Maybe a road trip then will be in order.

After seeing all the other kids at the movie, I realized my clothes are severely out of date! A. I need a subscription to Jane. B. I need a clothes shopping trip, and Kitty needs new socks...

And Poe hit on a point, being broke sucks. Can we work on a work-study-type program wher we can earn some cash? That was we can actually buy Sour Jacks and Milk Duds? (and a new pair of sketchers) That would be awesome.

I must admit I was pretty proud of the fireworks this year. Practice does make perfect... or at least an improvement. I hope you all enjoyed them.

[private] This feeling of fatigue finally wore off. I was so dizzy. I'm just lucky I could pass it off as a late night and post-food coma. It sucks though, I really would have loved hearing how great the show was... I wonder if Poe appreciated that huge series of red ones? At least I think it was pretty darned great. Anything that exhausts me that way had to be.[/private]

happy happy

Oh, I'm a happy little mutant girl. It's my time of the year. The one time I can feel absolutely useful. Ya want fireworks? I got yer fireworks right here. *paff!*

And they're letting me really cut loose this 4th, something the professors didn't let me do last time due to a control issue.. Hmmm.. That would have been shortly after the second time I fried half our room. Remember that, Kit?

Hey, Poe. I got your red dye.. it's call Blood Red. I couldn't resist :-). It's from the salon and was told it has a decent shelf life. I also grabbed some conditioner that supposed to keep the color longer. It's in my room. Stop by whenever, unless I see you first.

Now, I need to go practice. So, no one look at the sky tonight, 'kay? It'll ruin the surprise.